Cheap PU Gaming Chair

Item No.: P068A
1) The backrest may lie 135 degrees, may lie, any angle lock
2) The seat is free to lock in situ
3) The handrail may adjust up and down
Cheap PU Gaming Chair

The High-Back PC & Racing Game Chair is matched with high-quality carbon fiber style PU leather, Steel Frame, and Five-Star Base that make up a superb stable structure and Ergonomic design. The height of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted to meet your different needs, bringing you a comfortable sitting experience. Suitable for office, game room, dormitory, and other indoor environments. It's the best gift for youth, friends, and yourself.

1) Wwear-resistant Mute 60 PU Wheel
2) 350MM nylon plus fiber foot
3) 2.5 mm thick explosion-proof butterfly chassis
4) Three stage bar, pass test
5) High-density rebound cottPillowlDolldCottontton
6) 2D PU lifting handrai-RRB-S
7) Carton: material 220, face, bottom, paper 200g high-quality cow card, paper 140g reinforced
8) Back: 1.2 mm robot welding steel frame
9) Scratch-resistant west leather