Massage Gaming Chair Chair Gaming

Item No.: P330A-1
1) The backrest may lie 135 degrees, may lie, any angle lock
2) The seat is free to lock in situ
3) The handrail may adjust up and down
Massage Gaming Chair Chair Gaming

The comfortably padded ergonomic gaming chair has a full swivel cylinder and adjusts with the pneumatic lever. Tilt back with ease by pulling the lever outward, control the force needed to recline by turning the knob underneath the seat. Made for gamers, this gaming chair bundle will get you on your way to leveling up.

1) Wear-resistant and static 50MM sound common universal wheel N;            
2) 350MMPP plus fiber foot;                 
3) 2.5 mm thick explosion-proof butterfly chassis;                       
4) The second stage air pressure rod;                  
5) High-density springback cotton, pillow doll cotton;                  
6) 2DPU face lifting handrail;         
7) Cartons: material 180 table, face, bottom, paper 200 grams of high-quality cattle card, paper 140 grams of reinforced;                                        
8) Back : 1.0 mm manipulator welding steel frame;
9) Seat: Wooden Board points for the board, the side of the seat for the iron frame;
10) Scratch-resistant wear west skin.