Double Fan Back Frame Mesh and PU Mid-Back Office Chair

Item No.: B92
1. Tilt lock
2. Adjustable arm width
3. 275 lb. weight capacity
4. Adjustable seat height
Double Fan Back Frame Mesh and PU Mid-Back Office Chair

This collection chair redefines modern office seating with a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and versatility. Each piece is meticulously crafted to provide an optimal seating experience. With features like breathable mesh, adjustable components, and innovative design, the collection offers a comprehensive range of seating solutions to elevate any workspace.

1, The use of PA+ fiber, arc ridge double fan type back frame, double fan back frame can be lifted and adjusted 6cm, fit the spine curve, with nylon special mesh finish, head pillow lifting 5cm height, can be turned up and down 3cm
2, Waist: double fan back L-shaped, support each spine, reduce the pressure of the back
3, Armrest: PA+ fiber can be rotated, can be lifted, can slide back and forth 3D armrest with PU surface
4, One molding wrap stereotyped cotton, the seat board with 1.2CM thick E2 multi-layer glued solid wood with PP seat rubber shell;
5, Self-loading 3.0mm thick metal structure round single-handle three-speed locking chassis
6, R350 eight-prong nylon foot five-star foot, 55mm diameter PA universal wheel.