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Why Choose Slate Dining Table
Why Choose KENO Slate Dining Table:
1. High hardness: The rock slab has the characteristics of high density and high hardness, and each slab is pressed by a 10,000-ton press, the quality is strong, and it is not easy to break after long-term use;

2. No traces: the material is wear-resistant, no traces are left after daily scratching, even if it is scratched by a knife;

3. High appearance: The pattern and color of the slate are very high-grade, and the styles are diverse, whether it is simple style, light luxury style or palace style can be easily grasped;

4. Easy to clean: The surface of the slate is smooth and delicate, not easy to breed bacteria, strong anti-fouling ability, and oil stains can be wiped clean;

5. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: the material is healthy and safe, and at the same time environmentally friendly recycling;

6. High temperature resistance: It can withstand high temperature above 1200 ℃, and is practical and sturdy.