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KENO Office Furniture Market Analysis

   The price war in the furniture market for several consecutive years has gradually started. With the new situation of working from home and the arrival of the product upgrading period, the continuous growth rate of the primary market has been driven, thereby driving the expansion of the overall market capacity. Total sales in 2022 will reach 1.95 million units, an increase from 2021. It is expected to reach 2.5-3 million units in 2023. According to industry data, the global market capacity is between 5.5 million sets and 6 million sets. The Middle East market has a capacity of about 3.8 million sets. According to the division of regional market share capacity, the Saudi market has a capacity of about 400,000 sets, and the sales target of 50,000 sets of furniture accounts for about 13% of the market share.